Grant application


Applications for grants may be made at any time. All applications will be reviewed by the Hawthorn Community Chest Committee.

All applications will be acknowledged on receipt. Each application is reviewed for eligibility based on the following criteria. The organisation submitting the application must:

  • Offer a health and human care service
  • Provide services for the benefit of Hawthorn/Boroondara residents
  • Be used to purchase goods/services for benevolent purposes
  • Not be used for administrative purposes of any body or institution such as salaries
  • Not normally be used for meals or other regular or consumable provisions and supplies that are obtainable from other community support services

Allocations are spread across a broad range of organisations such as:

  • Elderly
  • Health organisations
  • Disabled
  • Education/Counselling/Support
  • Youth
  • Special Projects
  • Education

After review and agreement by the Hawthorn Community Chest Committee, each applicant will then be informed of the outcome.

Past Grant recipients have included:

  • Able Australia
  • Belmore School
  • Boroondara Community Outreach
  • Camcare
  • Chatterlink
  • Lentara UnitingCare
  • Servants
  • Women’s Liberation Halfway House

Download a HCC Grant Application in PDF format here: Grant Application